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Unique Stock Tooling Program

Starting a new display program can often incur large start-up costs that may deter you from following through with said programs. In order to combat these large start-up costs, Apex has developed our unique Stock Tooling Program.


This program saves you thousands of dollars in start-up costs, while still giving you the advantage of an eye-catching, sturdy, professional-looking display.

Club Pallets

Looking to sell your product in a club store? We can help! Apex has extensive experience working with all three of the national club stores. We're even a recommended supplier for BJ's.


We can put this experience to use to design a custom package for your product, as well as produce the package, build it, fill it with your product, and ship the pallets directly to the club stores.


Apex is unique among display companies in that we offer warehousing for your open-stock products in our facility outside of Philadelphia, and can function as a complete distribution center for your company.


Our warehousing rates are extremely competitive, and when combined with the cost savings of our display Stock Tooling Program, you will see major savings and a fast turnaround for your display program.

Upcoming Shows:

NACS - Las Vegas - October 2024

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