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Stock Tooling Program

The majority of the displays that you'll see in images throughout this website are just some of the examples of what can be created through our Stock Tooling Program.


Apex Display Group's Stock Tooling Program is a service that is unique to Apex that will save you thousands of dollars in start-up costs. We have over 350 sets of stock tooling for corrugated displays that can be combined to find the perfect fit and style for your product. These displays can then be easily customized via offset (litho), flexo, or digital printing, or any combination thereof, to ensure that you still have a unique and eye-catching display. We even have stock solid print mats that can be used with a color of your choosing, to further reduce your expenses.


In addition to the reduced costs that the Stock Tooling Program provides, it also improves your speed to market for your display program, as it eliminates the need to wait for the manufacture of custom dies and print plates. 

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